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I listened to a couple of discourses where Waharaka Thero discussed this issue. He said exactly what I have been saying. Let me summarize:

1. There is some evidence that the Buddha was born in Sri Lanka. But that cannot be proven or disproven with currently-accepted methods. There is no need to waste time on it. But it is necessary to have some idea about the historical background. For example, it is critical to understand the influence of Mahayana Buddhism that prevails to date. Much of this website is about trying to dispel incorrect interpretations introduced by Mahayana and gradually assimilated into Theravada.

  • This incorporation of Mahayana concepts into Theravada started only 500 years after the passing away of the Buddha, and he predicted such a decline.  Thus, many of the doctrinal issues have been there for close to 2000 years. Fortunately, the last batch of Arahants wrote the Tipitaka just before the Mahayana influence emerged. I will write a post on it.

2. Some people pursue this issue with nationalistic instincts. That is wrong. The Buddha does not represent any nationality or religion. Buddha Dhamma is not even a religion.  A Buddha can only explain the “true nature of this world” and how to escape it. Anyone is free to either accept and follow his recommended path or reject it. In that determination, where the Buddha was born SHOULD NOT be a factor.

  • This life is very short. It does not matter where you are born; what matters is what you can accomplish. 
  • All humans have similar capabilities across nationalities/religions/cultures.

3. Pursuing this issue only leads to confusion and an agitated state of mind for many. It takes precious time away from learning Dhamma and stopping future suffering.

4. There is a sutta where the Buddha discusses the following analogy. When an arrow injures someone, it is not wise to start looking into who shot the arrow, what kind of arrow it is, etc. What is urgent is to treat that wound. In the same way, it is foolish to spend time on this issue. Let us focus on learning/practicing the teachings of the Buddha.

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