Reply To: Buddha Pooja


Historical accounts of Sri Lanka, like the Wikipedia article Tobias provided, are based mainly on a Sri Lankan document, “Mahāvaṃsa.”

  • As the above document states, ” It (Mahāvaṃsa) was first composed by a Buddhist monk at the Mahavihara temple in Anuradhapura in the 5th century CE.” The Buddha was born roughly 1000 years before that.
  • Further on, it states, “Working from Johnston’s manuscripts, Edward Upham published an English translation in 1833, but it was marked by several errors in translation and interpretation, among them suggesting that the Buddha was born in Sri Lanka and built a monastery atop Adam’s Peak.”
  • I have not taken the time to study these issues carefully, mainly because it is not a critical issue for me. But we can discuss whatever information is available. 
  • Hopefully, more reliable archaeological evidence will be uncovered in the future.