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— From Lal:”The apple that you saw is NOT the same as the apple itself. It is just an image of the apple captured by your eyes”.

The Bāhiya Sutta says something like: “seeing is just a trace of seeing, hearing is just a trace of hearing, …” (“diṭṭhe diṭṭhamattaṃ bhavissati, sute sutamattaṃ bhavissati, …”

These are different ways of expressing the same concept, correct?

– From TripleGemStudent
“I don’t know anything about IT, but what’s the name of the database system that works like your example?”

When I wrote that I was thinking of the Oracle Database Management System, since I know something about it. For this system, before it creates or updates a piece of data, it first writes (or logs) the instruction on how to write or update the data.

Eventually the system does write the data itself (when it is convenient to do so), but it is actually the logging mechanism that is critical.


Thank you!

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