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“If the statement, “…rupakkhandha is NOT preserved.“ appears somewhere, it needs to be revised. Please let me know in which post (bullet #) it shows up. I will revise it as above. If it is there, it is only an unintended error”.

“Neither of you stated where I wrote that.”
If I remembered correctly . . . you mentioned that in post #44834. But anyways . . . 
Every time you see an object, that “image” goes into the “rupa aggregate” or “rupakkhandha.” However, that rupakkhandha is NOT preserved. When you recall memory, you “regenerate that mental image” in your mind. We will discuss that mechanism in upcoming posts.
To emphasize, only the four mental components are preserved in the nāma loka. The rupa loka has only “material things,” Thus, rupakkhandha is NOT preserved. The rupa component (the associated mental image) is “re-generated” only when one recalls that past event. We will discuss that recalling process later.


Thank you Lang for the example provided. When or if I can think of an appropriate responds to your example, I’ll mention it. 

but actually there is a database system that works somewhat like this

I don’t know anything about IT, but what’s the name of the database system that works like your example?