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Hello Lal,

Supplement, answer to post #40356 Number 3

I would like it if your analogy with the chair lit by a candle, the dark room and the flashlight used a phosphorescence instead of the candle: So the chair has a phosphorescence. Thus dhammā would be equated with phosphorescence. So the more kamma viññāṇa was involved, the longer the chair glows. You can see him until the energy fades. He’s still there after fading but we can’t see him. Or you can recall him again by shining a flashlight on him. The flashlight then stands for the fact that the mind sends a request to nāmalōka. The strength of the request is then decisive for the afterglow of the chair………back with…(mananca paticca dhammeca uppajjati mano vinnanam)

For those who don’t want to google for phosphorescence. Phosphorescence is the property of a substance that glows in the dark after exposure to (visible or UV) light. The cause of phosphorescence is the radiative deactivation of the excited atoms and molecules