Reply To: Bahiya Sutta and Creation of Sensuality in mind.


This kind of approach is very useful, I think. 

It is great kind of method to break sakkya ditthi!

In this view, we can observe Namagotta like a log of computer!

I think it could also break a lot of avijja after sotapanna, like bottom.


Cause : Person X have a citta and saññā vipallasa that some of pañcupādānakkhandha is mine.(He just removed ditthi vipallasa)

Effect : That kind of San will lead X to many kind of suffering.

If X sees this causality correctly, he would try to remove Cause.

The process which Lal emphasized would be useful to remove San gati. Because it takes apart someone’s fantasy.

X’s avijja will be remove as much as X improves his understanding about dangerousness of San gati.