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Do I Have “A Mind” That Is Fixed and “Mine”?

8. When an EM wave (kiraṇa) packet arrives at the cakkhu pasāda, it hits the hadaya vatthu and “transfers” that visual information about the tree to the mind. The mind is born momentarily during this transition for the duration of that signal.

This is what is meant by “cakkhunca Paṭicca rupeca uppajjāti cakkhu viññānam.”

In that context, “cakkhunca Paṭicca rupeca uppajjāti cakkhu viññānam.” shows how to be aware world by indriya.

But when we see with san, it shows how to be aware world by ayatana.

The cakkhu become cakkayatana and rupa become rupayatana.

For example, two people with different tastes read the same book.

John didn’t like what the main character did at the end. But Mary thought it was the best ending.

They both read the same letters, but they took them differently.

So, in this case, we can say that they’re not looking at the same thing.

This is why rupa ayatana is all personal and mental.

It is made by the mind and reflects one’s personal preferences(gati, anusaya).