Reply To: Calculation: Approximated time for becoming Buddha;


LDF wrote: “..supremely awakened fully enlightened omniscient Buddha.”

I just wanted to point out that the word “omniscient” MAY give the wrong impression of “being aware of everything at all times, i.e., at each moment.” 

  • Of course, a Buddha has a total understanding of how the world functions. In that sense, he can be said to be omniscient. So, it depends on the definition of omniscient.
  • However, even a Buddha is not aware of everything happening everywhere at a given time. When he is in “Arahant-phala or nirodha samapatti,” he is not aware of anything in the world.
  • He can turn his attention to anything and be fully aware of everything about it. 

Even a Buddha’s sensory faculties are constrained by “one arammana at a given time.”

P.S. Understanding that helps get rid of the view of a “soul/atman.” Our lives are a series of causes and effects described by Paticca Samuppada. We have control over our actions because of the “delay” involved during the “processing time” associated with the brain.