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The explanation of a “system” I thought was very illuminating. It’s fully compatible with Buddha Dhamma and also entails how everything is connected through cause and effect.

I think it would be great if you could add some of these explanations to a post or two, referring to:

Cakkhu indriya can be thought of as the whole system comprising the physical eyes, nerves connecting to the visual cortex in the brain, the visual cortex, and the cakkhu pasada rupa. If any of those do not function, no signal will reach the hadaya vatthu, i.e., there will be no vision. An Arahant or an average human can see unless blind.

Therefore, mana indriya could be considered to incorporate any brain functions as well as the hadaya vatthu

  • Of course, hadaya vatthu is where the cittas arise. That would not change.

  • But just as an average human uses the cakkhu indriya as cakkhayatana, the mana indriya (the system comprising the hadaya vatthu and brain functions) is used as manayatana

For example, under #5:Indriya and Ayatana – A Big Difference

Regarding just manāyatana, perhaps a clarification at the very bottom of the page:What are Rūpa – Dhammā are Rūpa too!

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