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There are a few things that don’t seem to match up entirely:


#6 from the post under discussion:

That makes sense since the six internal and five external āyatana takes into account the rupakkhandha.

Response to dosakkhayo’s question:

“5. Q2: Rupakkhandha contains manāyatana?

No. Any ayatana is not maha bhuta. The hadaya vatthu is made of maha bhuta. But when it is used as manāyatana it is just a state of mind.

I’m not sure how to tally these two statements since “six internal” includes manāyatana, doesn’t it?


Regarding manāyatana, in #44725 it’s stated:

  • P.S. In the same way as the cakkhu indriya automatically becomes cakkhāyatana, mana indriya automatically becomes manāyatana.

In one statement it’s referring to the mind and in one it’s referring to the mana indriya?


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