Reply To: Post on “Salāyatana Are Not Sense Faculties”


I understand ayatana as a kind of colored glasses. Arahant doesn’t use ayatana because they have entirely developed yathābhūta nāna; that is, he takes off his colored glasses and sees the world with his bare eyes. Using indriya as ayatana means focusing on the target with san. The ‘focusing more than necessary’ on these objects in samsara occurs because they believe it is worthwhile. Arahant removed all raga, so they have no ‘focusing more than necessary’ or ayatana. Therefore, there is no samphassa by salayatana. In PS context, I understand salayatana. But I don’t understand ayatana in the context of 12 ayatana = 5 khandas. I wish I could know why I don’t understand. I feel that something doesn’t fit, but I don’t know exactly what’s wrong. So I first considered the possibility that my feelings might be wrong, but the feelings never disappeared. I really want to understand why I’m wrong. The sense of contradiction makes me uncomfortable. I can’t wait to get rid of this.