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I’ve been reflecting on kamma and vipaka the last few days. I think it might be a relevant topic here regarding the viññana dhatu.

I was talking to a friend to other day about Buddha Dhamma, in person. When I’m around him, a lot more Dhamma flows in comparison to most other people I meet. A big part of it is due to his merits. You could say because you’re talking face-to-face, the conditions are in favor of that to happen. Well, yes surely it’s a favorable condition. However, after we parted ways, those merits are still working aren’t they. It doesn’t matter if we are in the same country or not. Often we have been on opposite sides of the world and that doesn’t change anything. If we had the technology, we could be on opposite sides of the universe and it wouldn’t change anything.

Also, everybody knows how it feels how “all of a sudden” they have to think of a certain person and, for example, share something with them that they might find useful. And then it appears that they were just looking for it. Of course, that’s no coincidence. Again the result of merits (from the mental plane).

Of course, kamma and vipaka goes much deeper, and i oversimplify things, but it might perhaps add to the explanations given already.

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