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Thank you for the document, LDF. I will look at it later.

To continue with my thoughts in my earlier comment:

4. As I mentioned above, we should not try to understand concepts associated with viññāṇa dhātu (nāma loka) with those we are familiar with the rupa loka.

  • In the rupa loka, “things/rupa above the suddhatthaka level” have spatial locations.  But “nāmagotta and dhammā” in the nāma loka do not have spatial locations. We can recall memories from anywhere (astronauts were able to do that on the Moon). In the same way,  dhammā can bring kamma vipaka whether we are on the Moon or anywhere else.
  •  That is just a feature of viññāṇa dhātu (nāma loka).

5. The same with the “recording of nāmagotta and dhammā.” No devices are doing the recording! That is how nāmagotta and dhammā operate.

  • That is how nature operates. The Buddha did not make up those rules. He only discovered them. He was subjected to the same rules. He got to old age and passed away just like any sankhata.

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