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1. Most of the difficulties associated with memory, namagotta, kamma bija, dhammā, kamma vipaka, hadaya vatthu, etc., could be due to the following reason.

  • We have a “mental world (nāma loka)” as well as a “material world (rupa loka).” 
  • The Buddha categorized everything in the world into six types of dhātupathavi, āpo, tejo, vāyo, ākāsa, and viññāṇa.
  • The rupa loka encompasses the first FIVE dhātu. Most of us are only familiar with the rupa loka. Scientists are focused on the rupa loka too.
  • Memory, namagotta, kamma bija, dhammā, kamma vipaka, hadaya vatthu, etc., are all related to the sixth dhātu: viññāṇa dhātu.

2. We tend to try to visualize the entities in the nāma loka or viññāṇa dhātu using the terminology/concepts we are familiar with in the rupa loka. That is an obstacle.

  • Viññāṇa dhātu (nāma loka) INCLUDES all mental entities: vedana, saññā, saṅkhāra, and viññāṇa.
  • In contrast, the rupa loka only deals with five types of rupa: rupa rupa, sadda rupa, gandha rupa, rasa rupa, and phottabba rupa. 
  • The sixth type of rupa, dhammā or dhamma rupa, is associated with the nāma loka.

3. Thus, we can see that we must make an extra effort to understand the viññāṇa dhātu (nāma loka).

It is getting late here. So, I will stop here for now. But this is an important topic, so please comment or post questions. 

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