Reply To: arupa loka

Compliments to all the participants in this thread. Great question brought forth by Saket and others in this and other threads, even I didn’t / couldn’t think of some of those comments or questions being asked.
Insightful and helpful responds by Lal as usual. Tobi sharing his thoughts and own understanding of the dhamma in this thread and not being completely satisfied with some of the explanations. I always believe that “it’s better to be wrong, than blindly believing that I’m right”. Several times, Lal and others have helped me to correct any wrong views and understanding of the dhamma that I might have had. I’m really glad that both Saket and Tobi brought up / mentioned the things that they did. In the end from discussions, what I hope for is that myself and others are able to receive answers / feedback that can benefit our practice and help to correct any wrong view’s and misunderstandings that we may have in regards to the dhamma.  
In regards to Saket question and Lal’s respond. If I have understood this correctly and by using my current jati (life) as an example. Any kamma that was done in my current and previous bhava / jati through the akusala-mula P.S. cycle within 91 maha kappa of this jati, those “certain” kamma vipaka’s can manifest within my current life (jati). But some other “certain” kamma vipaka potent before the 91 maha kappa from this life time is nullified. 
From other’s more knowledgeable than me on this topic, it’s mentioned that it hasn’t been stated “if” or “the duration of time” before aparāpariyāyavedanīya kamma (that can bring rebirth) will be nullified. 
From what I can see, it would make sense that aparāpariyāyavedanīya kamma (that can bring rebirth) would either be: 
(A) have a longer duration before being nullified than “other (weak?)” kamma vipaka potentials that falls within 91 maha kappa of one’s current bhava / jati. 
(B) It’s something permanent (imprints or records) like the nama gotta. (What I can think of at this moment) “maybe” with energy (vinnana) potential making contact with those imprints or records give rise to bhava / jati.     
But only from the same life stream vinnana can give energy potential to those imprints or records (one’s own panchakkhanada). When one attains Nibbana, those imprints or records stop recording, but would still be available for those with super powers like the Buddha’s to view. 

From my own life experience and what I can observe, my belief is that there’s got to be “something” that’s recording / imprinting / inscribing, etc., my every single thoughts / sights / feelings, etc. If there is no such a thing, how would my memory work? So, it’s my belief that there’s got to be “something” out there carrying out this mechanism.   
From the sutta’s, I’m not 100% certain if I’m remembering this correctly, but sometimes when someone attained parinibbana, it’s mentioned that they are no where to be found. Besides the obvious understanding that they are no longer anywhere in the 31 realms of existence. Maybe an additional / supplemental way to further explain what happens to a satta who has attained parinibbana is that the recording of the thoughts, sights, etc., (panchakkhanada) stops and that there is no further / into the future panchakkhanada of that satta to be viewed, even by those with super powers.    
An example that I can think of to better / further describe what I’m trying to say is that by imagining myself (TGS) as movie director / creator / and acting in my own movies. Myself being in a movie is like having a record / imprint of my panchakkhanada for myself and other’s to view. As long as I’m alive and making movies, my panchakkhanada would keep accumulating / recording. But let’s say this (I, me) life stream have attained parinibbana, then my panchakkhanada would stop accumulating / growing / recording or that TGS will no longer appear in anymore future movies.  
If someone were to say “what movie will TGS appear next?” We can’t say what movie will TGS appear next because he’s no longer in this world, but we could still say what movie TGS has appeared in before parinibbana since we have records of what movies TGS has appeared in and we can re-watch them.    
Something I would like to mention is that I would like to apologize as I haven’t put much time and effort into what we’re discussing here as this is not where my mind and effort is currently at. I’m just throwing out some ideas and it’s possible it might have some flaws / inconsistencies. 
I know someone mentioned about the nama gotta in another thread. Can Saket question and what it’s being discussed here have some kind of relation / connection to the nama gotta?
In regards to Lal and Tobi discussion here, I believe sometimes asking / answering some basic / fundamental questions first could be beneficial. I have observed and sometimes guilty myself that we sometimes get so caught up in details, that we don’t realize or see that a more basic or fundamental question might be helpful as well for the discussion or our own understanding. I believe one of these questions relating to what’s being discussed is that “can there be a living being without rupa? or the 5 aggregates?” 
If there cannot be a living being without rupa, then what kind / type rupa would this be in the highest arupa realms? 
Currently I don’t know how much more time and effort I’ll put into thread, just hope whatever was mentioned can be of any help and stand for corrections if there was any mistakes or misunderstandings.