Reply To: Post on “Salāyatana Are Not Sense Faculties”


“I think that the extension of pancakkhandha is different from the extension of salayatana.”

No contradiction. I just revised #12 of the post, “Buddhist Worldview – Introduction” as follows to make it clear.

12. The “Āyatanavibhaṅga” provides details on the twelve āyatana. For example: “Tattha katamaṃ cakkhāyatanaṃ? Yaṃ cakkhu catunnaṃ mahābhūtānaṃ upādāya pasādo attabhāvapariyāpanno anidassano sappaṭigho, yena cakkhunā anidassanena sappaṭighena rūpaṃ sanidassanaṃ sappaṭighaṃ passi vā passati vā passissati vā passe vā, cakkhumpetaṃ cakkhāyatanampetaṃ cakkhudhātupesā cakkhundriyampetaṃ lokopeso dvārāpesā samuddopeso paṇḍarampetaṃ khettampetaṃ vatthumpetaṃ nettampetaṃ nayaṃampetaṃ orimaṃ tīrampetaṃ suñño gāmopeso. Idaṃ vuccati “cakkhāyatanaṃ.”

Translated: “What is cakkhāyatana? It is that cakkhu pasāda derived from the four great elements. It is invisible (anidassano), makes contact (sappaṭighena) with visible (object).” (Only partially correct translation at Sutta Central: “Analysis Of The Sense-bases.”) But all such cakkhu pasāda ever experienced, to be experienced, or now being experienced is included.