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I’m sorry, I’ve been sitting here poring over this for 17 hours and my head is very tired now. Again, Venerable Lal, heartfelt and respectful thanks for your efforts.

I had just fallen asleep when another thought came to me. So PC back on…

So until the last 5 Arupa realms, everything is clear.

Hadaya Vatthu houses the Mind Consciousness Element, which has 75 Citta, and the Mind Element, which has 4 Citta. Now, when I say that the Arupa Loka refers only to the absence of Gandhabba.

And that Hadaya stands for Mind Element, which is connected to 4 Cittas in Arupa Loka and that is the only Rupa.

  • Vatthu means physical basis, i.e. the six physical organs on which the mental process is based
  • Hadaya = Mind Element = 4 Citta together
  • So together Hadaya Vatthu
  • Asannasatta: The world of unconscious beings has Hadaya Vatthu / Mind Element (ME), which has 4 citta who are in a bhavanga state. They have no Aramanna for the creation of a citta.
  • But I say the 5 Arupa Loka are special.

So for me it would fit like this……..