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Yes. That is correct.

  • There are no “olarika rupa” (dense rupa, i.e., rupa, sadda, gandha, rasa, phottabba) in arupa realms. 
  • Only a suddhāttaka (hadaya vatthu) is associated with each sentient being there. It can experience dhammā (anidassana, appatigha rupa, i.e., which cannot be “seen or made contact with other than with a hadaya vatthu.”) 
  • Most gati stay hidden as anusaya since there are no sensory attractions.
  • Time spent in arupa realms (for anariyas) can be considered “vacation time” with peace of mind. It was earned by cultivating anariya arupa samapatti. At the end of that time, they are reborn as humans and start over. Old gati/anusaya can be triggered, leading to rebirths in the apayas.
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