Reply To: Why memory records are not subject to entropy?


“#1 They are not located anywhere but are everywhere all time.”

  • Yes. They are in vinnana dhatu. The Buddha revealed that. Even today, scientists are aware of only five dhatu: patavi, apo, tejo, vayo, akasa. Material things are made of the first four and located in akasa dathu.

“What are nāma gotta are made up of then?

What mechanism ensures their permanence?”

  • Nāma gotta are not”made up” of anything.
  • They are only RECORDS of events that have happened. 
  • We can only convince ourselves of the truth of that. Without the existence of nāma gotta, no one can live!
  • Think carefully about the above statement. See “The Amazing Mind – Critical Role of Nāmagotta (Memories).