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After contemplating adinava, I recognized that I have been sensitive about my bad thoughts.

I think it is because of tāpa(heat) that made by my intention.

In my case, it was like boiling oil in my chest. 

When I intend to crave something, I can feel heating process right away. Around then, heated breathe already scratch my nose.

I repeated this process for several weeks. It was enough time to teach my body that “craving is dangerous”.

Using LayDhammaFollower’s metaphor, it is like hot pan. When mind craves something in this world, it starts to burn.

You can have even better metaphor;

Think of mind as pressure cooker.

Think of taṇhā/wanting as heat. Which heats the pressure cooker.

Eventually when cooker is heated too much, and pressure is too much.

One will start committing Akusalā abhisaṅkhāra. (Thinking, speaking, behaving in unwholesome way.)

Also, You said that you feel pain in chest. I think this is probably related to hadaya vatthu in centre of chest. I used to experience the same a lot early life.

If you want to see how this whole process of heating works, here’s explanation …

(Perceived pleasure/Assāda at beginning) ∝ (Wanting/desire/expectations/taṇhā/iccha) ∝ (mental vexation/stress/heat/anxiety/Pīḷana) ∝ (1/waiting time) ∝ (amount of pleasure/pain experienced in mind at end)


Delusion => Something perceived as very pleasurable => more wanting => more mental vexation/stress => less one can wait to have that stress reduced by having what is desired => if one has what is desired – stress is reduced – which is perceived as pleasure under delusion => when one does not have what one desired that increases the stress even more then beginning.

Ignorance/Incomplete wisdom => Something perceived as somewhat pleasurable => less wanting => less mental vexation/stress => more one can wait to have that stress reduced by having what was desired.

Complete Wisdom => Nothing perceived as pleasurable at all => No wanting => no mental vexation/stress => no need to wait for stress to go away as it doesn’t arise in first place for it to reduce later on.

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