Reply To: Semen Retention and Brahmacharya


I am sure.

1. Arahants don’t engage in sexual acts, not by abstaining willfully from sex. It goes naturally with the understanding (wisdom) they have.

  • Their bodies don’t produce semen.

2. Those yogis who abstain willfully from sex and cultivate jhana are born in Brahma realms. Those Brahmas cannot engage in sex either. They don’t even have sex organs.

Let my person ask why good householder thinks that Arahats are biological impotent (which is even something people would not delight if saying such).

But yes, Arahats are void of lust and desire, and no way to engage in sexual intercourses.

So do Anagamis’ body produce semen?

Because no more of flowing out, certain hard to say. But actually no reason why not.

(Samana Johann)