Reply To: Heart or organ transplantation in the Buddhadhamma


Oh, sorry…. I found another error in my explanation. I exchanged the mental body for the physical body.

Cittajarupa the connection between Gandhabba and the physical body!
Cittajarupa distribute and arrange themselves in gandhabba. From the patisandhi moment to the finished adult human. Through the influence of the physical body. The blueprint of the physical body is DNA. These cittajarupa are related to the patisandhi citta, in the hadyavatthu and in the pancakkhandha, the heart base. But are not generated by patisandhi citta. The patisandhi citta produces the heart base where pancavokara bumi is also present.
The base of the heart has Hadayavatthu as its base. The base of the heart is connected at the lowest level with 79 cittas of the 89 or 121 cittas.
Of these, 75 are citta manoviññāṇa responsible for the production of cittajarupa, kamajarupa. Kamajarupa always arise because kamma viññāṇa are always mano viññāṇa. On the other hand, mano viññāṇa can be either vipāka viññāṇa or kamma viññāṇa.
There are no cittajarupa in ArupaLoka, only 4 vipaka cittas associated with 10 citta viññāṇa contained in the 79 cittas.
The heart base is the basis for citta and has been influenced by the patisandhi citta in the patisandhi moment and this heart base in turn influences citta/consciousness. This is how you can feel Kilesa associatively on a heart basis.
Those cittajarupa that have the underlying vayo dhatu accumulated throughout the gandhabba arise and affect (anubhava) the manomaya kaya and physical body and vice versa.

Lol. Nevertheless, thank you for your answer.
I’m looking for the answer to my feeling that everything is connected. Is it the spin or entanglement? I’m looking everywhere…..