Reply To: Heart or organ transplantation in the Buddhadhamma


We FIRST need to see whether the assumption is valid, i.e., to what extent does a recipient take on the donor’s characteristics?

I asked the Bing Chatbot for references, and it gave three (all before 2012):

Can An Organ Transplant Change A Recipient’s Personality? Cell Memory Theory Affirms ‘Yes’

Transplants, Cellular Memory, and Reincarnation” (I do not want to join Researchgate to get a pdf. If someone has a copy, please email it to me: [email protected])

Memory transference in organ transplant recipients

At least according to the Bing Chatbot, there are no recent references. So, this is only a conjecture at this time. I don’t want to spend time on it.

  • If there is further evidence, please post.