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OK. Good.

I want to clarify two points based on the above discussion and that on the other thread, “Post on ‘Saṅkhāra – An Introduction’”.

1. Bottom line: Mano sankhara can be abhisankhara. However, mano sankhara cannot bring future rebirths via “janaka kamma.” 

  • I revised my previous interpretation based on the evidence I discussed in both threads. 
  • In particular, it assumes that the first two javana citta in a citta vithi have only mano sankhara. This bit of information came from a discourse by Waharaka Thero. I have not seen citta vithi discussed to that depth in the Tipitaka. If we find a direct reference in the Tipitaka, we may need to revise it again.
  • Thanks to Dosakkhayo and LDF for bringing the issue to focus.

2. Kammic energy is not created in a single citta vithi but via millions of them. 

  • As mentioned above, one post describing this process is “Seeing Is a Series of ‘Snapshots.’”
  • For example, an object is “seen” after the brain processes over ten “scans” of that object. Each scan may take a hundredth of a second (these data from modern science.) Millions of citta vithi process each such snapshot.
  • Therefore, kammic energy “builds up” gradually over millions of citta vithis within a second. Of course, we perceive it to happen in “one shot.”
  • Writing down these details in a post of 2-3 pages is impossible.

Feel free to ask questions on either of the above two issues. 


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