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Lal, so basically, the mind beats up itself (arising of pilana) to derive happiness from something which has no happiness. this is why pilana is constantly there.

true source of pilana is avijja and vipallasa.

Now I understand the analogy of a dog clearly. I didn’t understand it until now.

The analogy of Dog =

A dog trying to derive meat from the meatless bone gets tired and enjoys its own blood.

Mind is like that foolish dog when Vipallasa is there.

Happiness is like a mirage (Only in perception).

We don’t find happiness in this world BECAUSE it doesn’t exist more than a mirage exists in the desert.

Happiness exists only in the wrong perception of the world.

this is why no one finds any permanent satisfaction AND in addition, everyone finds so much suffering in the world when trying to look for it.

The Story of foolish men trying to find a lost object under the light

It is like a foolish man who had lost his ring somewhere in the dark part of the street but was trying to find it in the area where there was light. How could someone find something, which is not there?

Happiness/Peace is not found due to everyone looking for it in the wrong place (in the six senses), where nibbana cannot ever be found.

Because no one is there to tell us that we are looking at the wrong place, we are forever looking for it.

In a hopelessly hopeful manner.

Everywhere in the UNIVERSE, so many things are there, which can be sensed through the six senses, but all of them are utterly useless for purpose of permanent happiness. The IRONY of EXISTENCE is that the thing that is actually helpful (Nibbana) cannot be sensed through any of the six senses.

This was the whole point of the recent JBM sermon.

Link to JBM sermon: “The sound of silence”

Trying to find happiness via the six senses is like trying to hear the ‘sound of silence”.

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