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Yes. They are correct.

  • But I want to stress the importance of getting rid of sakkaya ditthi by realizing that the working of the mind is a mechanical process. I read your comment on the other thread, “Post on ‘Saṅkhāra – An Introduction’” and it seems that you have.

Let me copy and paste a part of my comment on April 3, 2023, at 8:31 am for the benefit of all:

1. Bahiya understood that there was no “person” seeing, hearing, etc.

  • Seeing, hearing, etc., are just “processes,” and there is no unchanging “person” (say, Lal) seeing, hearing, etc. (P.S. Now, don’t take this to mean “Lal does not exist.” But the way he responds to a sensory event now is not the same as he would have some years back.  There is no “unchanging essence in Lal.” Once Lal stops responding to ANY sensory event with even a trace of lobha, dosa, and moha (avijja), he becomes an Arahant. Then, upon death, “Lal” will not be reborn anywhere among the 31 realms.  That will be the end of suffering for “Lal.” This is related to #2 below.)
  • For example, see “Seeing Is a Series of ‘Snapshots’
  • Understanding that helps get rid of sakkaya ditthi.
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