Reply To: Bahiya Sutta and Creation of Sensuality in mind.


Lal, I want to ask you some questions;

1. More perceived pleasure in any ārammaṇa → More Assāda

2. More Assāda → More Pīḷana (when mind thinks that absolute true happiness is in PañcakKhanda, it gets stressed due to not having it.)

3. More Pīḷana → More false Pleasure is felt when that Pīḷana is reduced.

3.1 Sometimes beings become mad/insane when this Pīḷana is not relieved.

3.2 Pīḷana is reduced by having liked and not having unliked

3.3 (3.2) is not possible due to tilakkhana nature of this world.

4. So, Basically More headache is there, more the relief is felt when it is temporarily reduced or permanently reduced by dhamma paññā.

5. By perceiving happiness in something, peace in the present moment is lost. That is why kāma is like debt, right? (Debt owed to future isn’t it?)

6. In summary: Mind gets mentally hurt (in presence of ignorance) and then tries to achieve twisted pleasure by relieving itself from that very same mental suffering.

7. Pīḷana is due to PañcaUpādānakKhanda.

8. In first noble truth,

Level 1 dukkhā = Rebirth Dukkhā

Level 2 dukkhā = mundane worldly dukkhā= Having unliked, unwanted, unexpected AND Not having liked, wanted, expected

Level 3 dukkhā = Speciality of Buddha Dhamma = Reason for Pīḷana = Reason for level 2 AND level 1 dukkhā = PañcaUpādānakKhanda

Ofcourse, Level 3 dukkhā is due to vipallāsa about nature of saṅsarā.


Are All of the above statements correct or not?

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