Reply To: Bahiya Sutta and Creation of Sensuality in mind.


Lal said above,

Bahiya understood that there was no “person” seeing, hearing, etc

Lal, shared a perspective on Bahiya suttā.


The perspective that I had about bahiya suttā was that Bahiya understood that adding san to  sensory experience is what causes dukkhā.

When sound is just sound, Taste is just taste, Touch is just touch, Sight is just sight, Smell is just a smell …

And when NO San is added to sensory event that in itself is freedom and end of all dukkhā.

Mind behaves AS IF it is entity, when it is under influence of defilements. (PañcaUpādānakKhanda/Sakkāya).

Something I forgot to highlight in previous reply was that  was that,

Defiled mind is possessed/Hacked mind.

Defiled mind is like when someone wears Superman costume on Halloween and start to behave as if He is Supermen; while He is not actually Superman.

Same thing happens with mind; When mind creates lustful/greedy attachments to some PañcakKhanda and creates hateful attachments to some PañcakKhanda; Mind gets Possessed/Hacked due to attachments. 

It is like mind unknowingly (under influence of ignorance) creates prison for itself.

And Bahiya would must have had put lot of efforts to make spiritual progress in previous lives to have understood the dhamma so fast.

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