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Good catch!

1. It must be a printing error, but it is in the Buddha Jayanthi (Pali-Sinhala) edition, too (p.178 for those who may have access to it.)  

  • Viveka” means “stress-free” in both Pāli and Sinhala languages.

2. The correct application of vivekaṭṭho is in the following verse, for example: “Nirodhassa nissaraṇaṭṭho, vivekaṭṭho, asaṅkhataṭṭho, amataṭṭho—”

  • Thus, it should be associated with Nibbana (Nirodha).
  • That verse is in the “2.2. Saccakathā” section of  the Tipitaka Commentary, “Paṭisambhidāmagga.”
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