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This is a minor matter.
In suttacentral petakopadesa 6 70.2, it wrote: “Pīḷanaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho pabhaṅgaṭṭho sampāpanaṭṭho vivekaṭṭho aniccaṭṭho, ayaṁ aniccaṭṭho.”
But lal’s explanation gives: It means, “What is meant by the “anicca lakkhana“? – It means (things in this world) are to cause stress (Pīḷana), are of “breakable nature (pabhaṅga), induce one to engage in immoral deeds (sampāpana), cause restlessness (aviveka).”
So I wonder if this is a typo of lal or a typo of suttacentral.
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