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1. “Atita rupa” are mental impressions of the rupa experienced. A record of them remains intact in the vinnana dhatu as “namagotta.”

  • Paccuppana rupa” are those being experienced; they become “atita rupa” instantaneously.
  • Anagata rupa” are mental impressions of types of rupa expected to be experienced in the future. 

2. “Cittaja rupa” are somewhat different. They are “rupa (energy)” created by javana citta. Of course, they become part of “namagotta” (and rupakkhandha) too.

  • Not all cittas contribute to cittaja rupa, only javana citta contribute. All citta contribute to namagotta/rupakkhandha.
  • Part of “cittaja rupa” gets deposited in the vinnana dhatu as “namagotta with kammic energy.” They can bring vipaka in the future.
  • The rest of the energy in “cittaja rupa” is released at the “suddhatthaka stage” and can lead to changes in one’s body (for example, contribute to change in facial expression when getting mad) or may contribute to the growth of plants, trees, etc. That is a complex subject. When cultivating “Metta Bhavana.” these cittaja energies can affect other living beings too.
  • Note:cittaja” (“citta” + “ja”) means “created by citta.” Cittaja energies are vastly amplified after comprehending 4NT/PS/Tilakkhana.
  • Note: Cittaja energies are vastly amplified to the “apayagami side” with higher levels of miccha ditthi, lobha, dosa, moha, etc.

3. It is good to contemplate the above deeply. That is part of the actual vipassana meditation!

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