Reply To: Anāgata Rupa


1. “Lal said: anāgata (future) rupa are based on “rupa upadanakkhanda.”

  • Try to understand the concepts. It is not possible to spell out everything in a post. An Arahant does not have lobha, dosa, or moha in mind. Thus, there are no abhisankhara generated. But an Arahant still makes plans for the future. He may need to plan going out for alms, may need to go and visit someone, etc.
  • This is similar to an Arahant still generating vinnana. Such vinnana may have expectations, but not based on lobha, dosa, or moha in mind.

2. “Then, anāgata rupa is made of apo, tejo, pathavi, and vayo?”

  • All types of rupadanakkhanda are mental. Please re-read the post and relevant posts.