Reply To: Pure Dhamma – Hindi Website


It’s great to see so many noble efforts are being made to spread the teachings. It’s very inspiring.

Unfortunately, I can’t read Hindi but my German reading skills are fairly decent. I’d love to read through some posts, Daniel.

I did take a look at LDF’s site and I see he translated section by section. That actually seems like a very useful approach so anybody can see not only the source but also have the potential to gain a wider perspective (in case they understand both languages).

Language can be very subtle, and a sañña can sometimes be deepened by the addition or replacement of even a single word. Sometimes, that word might be in English, sometimes in one’s mother tongue (and sometimes even in another language altogether).

I know nothing about websites, but once I finish some projects I’m working on I would love to be able to start translating posts into Dutch. Needless to say, I’d have to do some research on websites and gain Lal’s approval first.