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Dear Noble Friends,

I haven’t been actively writing in this forum for some time but I thought I would write a message.

Again I wanted to thank Lal for all his efforts of explaining the Dhamma. I have been reading the webpage since a little more than 3 years and still do so, even posts that I have read before, because it is always helpful to reevaluate and contemplate about them. I have also read the forum discussions actively. 

I wish LayDhammaFollower a lot of success in his project in the sense that may through his effort he himself as well as many other sentient beings be able to come to the most profound understanding of the Dhamma and thereby achieve the full liberation (Nibbana) in this Buddha’s dispensation. I read through the short description given by LDF. I also studied physics and that is probably the reason why I also appreciated Lal’s approach from the very beginning of finding this page.

Thanks to this forum I also found the Jetavanarama Buddhist monastery youtube channel with Ven. Amadassana Thero and followed the Youtube Podcast “Buddha’s Guide to Happiness” from the beginning. I found his sermons very helpful and useful too. Especially his ability to explain deep Dhamma concepts in very simple language and in very practical examples. The first season builds up the Dhamma concepts in a very steady and consistent way, in order to carry the interested audience slowly into a profound understanding of the Tilakkhana. In season two he starts to introduce more and more Pali and approach the concepts from many different angles, so that also advanced practitioners can deepen their practise.

On a sidenote: As I am a native German speaker, and as there is already a Puredhamma German website, I recently started to create a blog in which I intend to write Dhamma articles, explain concepts that I had understood from Lal or from Ven. Amadassana Thero in a way that is hopefully accessible for interested beginners as well as for more advanced practitioners. I have just written a few articles explaining the concept of anicca in practical examples, such as the concept of vexation (pilana) and pleasure as relief from vexation. Also, how our wish to maintain the state of sankhata (e.g. being a football -star) requires constant abhisankhara (to produce the sankhata as well as to maintain it to one’s liking) and the meaning of the verse: “Taṇhāya jāyatī soko, taṇhāya jāyatī bhayaṁ; Taṇhāya vippamuttassa, natthi soko kuto bhayaṁ.” 

If anyone is German speaking, I invite anyone to read it and comment, in order to explain the concepts in the most simple way yet keeping them in its most pure form for the benefit of ourselves as well as many others. The website is:

Lal: If you think that it is not appropriate to post about this here, I am happy to remove it again. I intend to do it only for supporting each other, which is also why I put a link to your page on my blog as well (if that is okay for you).


May through our effort practicing the Dhamma as well as any meritorious efforts (mundane or supramandane) we and many other sentient beings be able to attain the Nibbana in this life itself.


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