Reply To: Difference Between Dukkha Saccha & Dukkha Ariya Saccha


I listened to the beginning of it. I think it says exactly what I mentioned above.

1. Dukha (suffering) differs from Dukkha Sacca/Dukkha Ariya Sacca.

2. Average people think Dukkha Sacca is about “suffering,” meaning physical or mental suffering in this life. So, they believe one can get rid of such despair by “meditation.” They think “pleasurable activities” will give them long-term “pleasure.”

3. But the Buddha taught that those “pleasurable activities” are the “root cause of suffering” in the REBIRTH PROCESS. When we seek pleasure by engaging in such “pleasurable activities,” we inadvertently cultivate abhisankhara. That is “avijja paccaya sankhara” in the Paticca Samuppada process.

4. Please let me know if the discourses you mentioned say otherwise. I can listen to them tomorrow to make sure. Now it is my bedtime here!