Reply To: Significance of bodily feelings


“I am not sure but I think I remember that Lal said somewhere that bodily feelings (tactile sensations) will lead to positive and negative kamma vipaka.”

I don’t think I ever wrote that.

  • Any sensory INPUT (seeing, hearing..or a body sensation) is a kamma vipaka. It does not LEAD TO more kamma vipaka automatically.
  • It is our RESPONSE to such a kamma vipaka (i.e., doing kamma) that MAY lead to more kamma vipaka.

Let me give an example. Hearing a particular song being played on the radio is a kamma vipaka.

  • But if you then decide that you want to hear it again, you are now acting on it by doing kamma with thoughts (thinking about it), speech (asking for the opinions of others whether it is a good song or where to buy the album, etc.), and actions 9going to the store to buy the album).
  • You may accumulate strong kamma if you steal money to buy the album. 
  • Try to apply it to other sensory inputs. That way, you can get the concept absorbed.