Reply To: Waharaka Thero English Subs Discourse


Congratulations! Jorg. You got it. Perfect!

Regarding the discourse:

  • They used the word “disgusting” to translate “asubha,” which is not quite right. “Asubha” means “not beneficial.”
  • However, that is in the context of describing the “jigucchati” nature associated with the “anicca nature of generating (abhi)sankhara.” Here, “jigucchati” does mean “something that is to be rejected as one would reject feces/excrements. An ignorant person would embrace/cultivate abhisankhara, but a Noble Person would not embrace them but reject them (they always lead to suffering, even if that may happen only in the future.)
  • This is why two translations may not provide the same meanings. 

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