Reply To: Regarding sotapanna Anugami with Jhāna


theruwan saranai

I am sorry I am taking your time again noble friend, but I desperately need jhana because I do not want to be pulled in human womb again and getting to sakdagami stage is a very big task compared to getting jhāna ONCE or FEW times Ina lifetime.

I fear death a lot. jhānic experience in detail DN 2 point no 3” you have written “ it should be noted that vitakka/vicara or kāma and akusala thoughts are not completely removed in 1st jhana”does this mean kamaraga or depressive thoughts can come to mind even in 1st jhana!!!

CV would be like JAJAJAJJAAJJ where A= akusala citta,J= jhāna citta

BUT in #10 of this post you quote AN4.123 “if he DOES NOT LOSE the jhāna(aparihino kālam)at the time of his death he is born among brahmakāyika devas.does this mean

a)for an anariya would require to HOLd jhāna till the time of his death or cuti patisandhi to get to brahma realm.

‘BUT b) in case of an ariya( even for sotapanna anugami) if he attains jhāna ONLY 1 TIME  after getting to ariya lineage,he would be born in Brahms realm FOR SURE.

Ariya purus +jhāna (once)=bhava breaking

Sir pls mention a) if you are answering this with your own understanding,or

b) you have read this in some abhidhamma book or

c) you have listened this in some waharaka thero desana

lastly sir I do karmasthana only,I make my own phrases in Hindi,I meditate on tanhakhayo nibbana,nirodhanuppasi viharati samudayam pajahati after reciting katmasthana 5 to 10 times SOMETIMES I get sensation in forehead,slight disappearing of body parts,does this indicate or CLEARLY MEAN that I have reached 1st jhāna of lighter degree.