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To paraphrase, bhava is like a heated pan.

And tanhā is the flame that heats the pan.

The temperature of a heated pan is pīḷana.

Let’s say there is a frog on the pan.

When the surprised frog jumps up, it feels cool for a while. This is amisa sukha.

But frog have to land on the pan eventually.(Eventually leads to suffering. As Ven Lal said in the desana.)

The heated pan has anicca nature. We heat the pan by our own tanhā.

When the fire(tanhā) dies down, we feel cool. It is niramisa sukha.

We tend to think amisa sukha is the only solution. It is because of avijjā.

When someone feels real niramisa sukha, he or she cannot forget it.


The important thing is, we cannot crave(or imagine) about parinibbana.

The sankhara named craving, only focus on a thing in the pancakkhandha.

But nibbana’s feeling, cannot figure out that way.

It is just understood by ragakkhayo(=dosakkhayo = mohakkhayo )

Ragakkhayo can be initiate by comprehending about anicca nature.

When one’s mind feel the need to ragakkhayo, it will initiate automatically.

(This contents are corrected by Dosakkhayo.

May the blessings of The Triple Gem be with him and everyone!)