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In above reply I said,

UNTIL PARINIBBĀNA, ONLY DUKKHĀ WE CAN PERMANENTLY FIX IS STOPPING MENTAL SUFFERING. BECAUSE, MENTAL SUFFERING IS COMPLETELY 100% SELF MADE, ARTIFICIAL, SELF FABRICATED, UNNATURAL. p.s. mental suffering arises due to samphassa-jā-vedanā, which arises due to defiled gati. Arhant has removed all the defiled gati.

To add to that,

What actually happens is that,

Vexed mind creates the “new world” at cuti paṭisandhi to relieve itself from vexation (created by sakkāya/PañcaUpādānakKhandathat it is experiencing at that moment. Mind does not understand that what it enjoys is very thing that brings suffering/harm to itself, that is why it attaches to anything of this world.

p.s. vexed mind = ignorant mind = mind NOT free from ten saṃyojana = mind that has taṇhā and PañcaUpādānakKhanda = mind that is suffering = mind that has constant unending Pīḷana due to having sakkāya/PañcaUpādānakKhanda

Attachment to anything in saṅsarā is like eating poisoned chocolate. Gives pleasure for while, brings much suffering in future.

Here, “Arising of World” means arising “one’s personal World” = PañcakKhanda Samudaya = Loka Samudaya = “Sabba(all)” Samudaya = “Dukkhā” Samudaya = Jāti Samudaya = “Indriya” Samudaya

Samudaya = San + Udaya = Arising of San/defilements

Nirodha = Stopping something from arising by stopping its causes.

We cannot have taṇhā and stop the birth from arising because taṇhā itself is directly responsible for arising of birth. When birth arises, indriya arises, phassa arises, vedanā arises and taṇhā is again triggered.

The possible only way to stop bhava/jāti from arising is by removing taṇhā.

Taṇhā in turn is due to vipallāsa about saṅsarā and loka. One views/perceives/thinks about world as Niccā, sukha, atta. This is why attached to various objects (PañcakKhanda). but because world is not that way, this false expectations and hopes and worldview leads to expecting compassion from Hitler. Which will never happen.

This is why just living in Forrest away from all the temptations is neither necessary nor sufficient the way to practice dhamma.


To extinguish fire of jāti, one needs to stop feeding it the four types of wood logs (four types of foods) and one also needs to cutoff the oxygen supply sustaining fire.

Four foods = physical food, sancētana, phassa and saṅkhāra

Oxygen supply = taṇhā, avijjā


I did read about your friend suffering mentally due to his University and parents problem.

Here, real eye opening insight which might seem shocking to someone new to dhamma is that all this mental suffering is completely utterly absurdly meaningless useless and worthless.

Think about it …

Why does your friend (or anyone else for that matter) needs to constantly put efforts to to go to good University, earn a living, satisfy expectations of parents etc ?

Did he not tried to create good life for himself in past too? What happened to his past efforts to create good life?

Maybe he was wheel turning monarch in past lives, but, is that of even little importance now? So, is the case with our present life. All out efforts except efforts put towards understanding dhamma and getting rid of avijjā and achieving magga phala will be useless in long timeframe.

No one is saṅsarā is able to keep anything they like the way they like it.

That is why we are never relieved from saṅkhāra dukkhā (until Parinibbāna).

Whether we achieve something in this saṅsarā or not, it does not matter, as long as we are in saṅsarā this saṅkhāra dukkhā won’t ever stop. It might get reduced but won’t completely stop.

That is why we need some sort of secure place which stays as it is without ever changing. This place is Nibbāna. There is not even a trace of dukkhā involved in Nibbāna.

Because even if your friend has achieved everything he wanted somehow, he could not stop death and there is no guarantee about where he will born in future. With physical death, again all his progress will be reset. He will lost everything he has, he will have to leave behind everything and will have to pass away and born according to his kamma of he is not an Arhant. He will have to start climbing mountain once again just like Sisyphus of Greek mythology.

Even if he is born human, he will have to do everything again.

This will happen endlessly until he realises the futility of anything of this world and saṅsarā.

It is possible that your friend was well turning monarch before some lives. But, isn’t that all gone now and lost? So, whatever someone has except magga phala is all lost and useless with death. So one should strive for magga phala.

I hope this did not sound very harsh. I wrote it with compassion not with any ill will.