Reply To: Compilation of experience note


To LayDhammaFollower.


I think I understood some of the notes you attached. So I write it down.

I’d like to have it checked when you have time. I don’t use mention function because don’t want to rush you.


Anyway, reading your notes, I remembered what happened a few years ago.

One of my friends said, he had never been beaten by his parents.

So I thought that he would be happy. But he was not.

He said that he felt inferior when he saw relatives of his age.

I asked “why?” wondering.

Then he said, many of his relatives are attending to prestigious universities in USA.

However, his limit was going to the best university in Korea. That’s why he felt inferior!



It was absurd to hear that, but now I understand the structure he and all of us suffered, a little, by contemplating your memo.

As long as the pañcupādānakkhandhā exists, we will bind to suffering.

But without jati, there is no pañcupādānakkhandhā!