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I ended up deciding to and just finished watching the Forbidden Archeology with Michael Cremo. All I got to say is “wow”. 

For anyone that come across this post, rather one is interested in the topic or not, I highly recommend that one check out the video. Definitely not a waste of one’s 43 minutes of time. 

Lal mentioned:

“More evidence will hopefully emerge. The main problem is that metals, when submerged in the Earth, decay and do not last even a million years. So, if a human civilization built rockets many millions ago, there will be no trace of that left. “

16:45 – 18:20 of the video. 

If what he says is true, there’s some evidence. 

I just did a quick search and found a lecture by Michael Cremo that exhibits visuals as well. 

Michael Cremo: Evidence for Extreme Human Antiquity FULL LECTURE

I don’t think I’ll be watching this one though since it’s not really necessary for me to see any further evidence. My mind was already opened to such possibilities before even coming across the Buddha dhamma. The first video was already enough for me.