Reply To: rupakkhandha vs saññākhandha


Yes I am reading  all the  pages under  section five-aggregates-pancakkhandha  

For simplicity replace orange with table. because I am not tasting the table then. lets take three incident.

(first time) I show it  (I dont know thats its called table)…

                   it went into namagota./pancakhanda.  with Rupa=image1 and sanna=??

(second time) I show and some one said its called ‘t-a-b-l-e’.

                  it went into namagota./pancakhanda.  with Rupa=image2 and sanna=sadda.rupa-‘t-a-b-l-e’

(Third time) I show  ‘t-a-b-l-e’.

                  the mind scans old rupas, and find the image1 and image 2 are matching and the sanna is sadda.rupa -‘t-a-b-l-e’

                  it went into namagota./pancakhanda.  with Rupa=image3 and sanna=saddarupa’ n-i-c-e- -t-a-b-l-e’


so in short what I want to tell is sanna is nothing but another Rupa, particularly from different sense organ. and mostly from sound.