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I felt cuti-patisandhi moment’s dangerousness.

I want to describe my new mindset about sansara.

This kind of feeling could very different for each person, so I want you to read this kind of post as relative, not absolute.


Let’s imagine you’ve been working hard all day. You must be very tired.

But you have to work out tomorrow, because it is week days!

So you set an alarm and get ready to sleep. Thinking like this :

“I don’t want to get up again.”

But you have to get up tomorrow! Because you have to work!



“You don’t want to get up, but you have to get up.”

This was the horrible point that I realized.

I extended this viewpoint to the to the whole of sansaric journey, I’ve got a rough understanding of a very terrible fact!

So far, we’ve rarely rested our mental activities for an infinite amount of time…

Of course, there are exceptions like born in asanna realm(500 maha kappa), but it is a very small bit.

To compare sansara to a workplace, we have never retired from a job, just went on vacation rarely.

I hope my experience could be helpful to others _()_

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