Reply To: Exorcism in Buddhism

Yash RS

Thanks Lal, what I meant by the black magic person is the one who is sending the preta. That person’s thought comes in my mother’s dream, she sees that he is trying to attract her to him. That’s the reason. He is lustfully attached to my mother. That’s why he did this so that my father becomes poor and eventually die( there have been instances of extreme home conflicts almost everyday and even times when my parents had a thought to seperate) and then he can keep my mother with him(since he is my mother’s sister’s husband), this was his main intention, but we came to know about that(this instance of getting to know this is again a different and mind boggling story, something possessed my father, claimed to be our ancestor and told this in 2018)
My childhood has been completely destroyed because of such things, my father was just suffering to pay all the debts. But somehow we managed to stay alive and come to this point. That person looks like he’s the most generous, calmest and nicest person in the world, yet this is his mindset!
My mother listens to dhamma i teach her yet there are times when the preta possesses her during the dhamma discussion and she can’t understand what I tell her.
I have Abhaya thero number, got it from a website, but it says it’s switched off whenever I dial.