Reply To: Exorcism in Buddhism

Yash RS

The problem still persists.
I tried sutta chanting but that helped temporarily, that preta used to go instantly, but would return after a day or so. We went to an exorcist and he helped a lot in the starting, it was for the first time the preta spoke, and he(exorcist) did all the necessary things and we were cured(Nov 1st week). But after we went to our relative’s wedding that person (the black magic one) was there too (Nov 29).Those problems arose again, we talked with exorcist,he told that he has sent that preta again(he even told that who the person was after asking several times making our suspicion true). Time passed and today we realised that the tone of the exorcist was not right and was greedy( we had to spend a lot of money for this). So we have decided to stop going there too.
Now can anyone tell me what should I do?
I tried contacting Abhaya thero, but i messaged him twice, he didn’t reply (on Nov 29 and Dec 12). We were talking about selling our home today, because we couldn’t find any way because he told that something is in our home too ( and we have felt some presence before ).
Please help