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Thanks, Tobias.
Yes. That was an error. I have revised that sentence in #8 as follows:
“But there are Paññāvimutta Arahants who had not cultivated jhāna but attained Arahanthood in relatively short times. However, they also get to the vicinity of the first jhāna briefly at the moment of Arahant magga phala, but they need to practice jhāna to get into jhāna at will.”

Samādhi, Jhāna, and Sammā Samādhi

Only Upacāra (U), Anuloma (A) samadhi are needed to get to any magga phala. See #14 and #15 of the following post for citta vithi involving magga phala and jhana.
Citta Vīthi – Processing of Sense Inputs