Reply To: Collection of Videos of medical operations, surgeries, rotting body etc.


The following link has that verse and the English translation there:
Girimānanda Sutta (AN 10.60)

You may be focusing on the English translation of “asuci” as “many kinds of filth.”

The Pali word “suci” means “pure.” Asuci means “impure.”
– Depending on the context, one could take asuci to mean “filth” or even “feces.”
– But here, it means just impure.

The message here is that our bodies are a collection of parts. Furthermore, such a body is subject to many ailments.
– It is of no benefit to making such bodies in future lives.
– As I wrote earlier, we must avoid generating “patigha saññā” or revulsion during meditation. We need to understand the true nature of our physical bodies (yathabhuta ñāna.)

P.S. The last verse you quoted is “Ayaṁ vuccatānanda, asubhasaññā
Asubhasaññā is not about revulsion (or “perception of ugliness” in the above English translation.) Asubha means “not beneficial.”