Reply To: Anaññātaññassāmītindriya at the Sōtapanna Anugāmi stage


Thank you for your inputs.

First, a word about mundane dark things that may be happening in the world of the elite, those with ultra wealth and power. If that is the case then it shows the danger of ignorance of Buddha Dhamma on the mundane level, not knowing the consequences of actions, which may happen future lives.

Also, about guiding others (and in my case just one person), I notice something: this person appreciates the Pali words after understanding their meanings.

After establishing concepts of the big picture (the complex world of 31 realms with a rebirth process) and the mundane path (moral living, avoiding the 10 types of miccha ditthi), a person does appreciate learning Buddha Dhamma with Pali words after they grasp the meanings behind them. They may also come up with analogies of their own when learning key concepts.

Just a thought for someone who may be guiding others using the PD site.