Reply To: Collection of Videos of medical operations, surgeries, rotting body etc.


I have been thinking about it some more. Sometimes, it is not possible to give a simple, strict “yes” or “no” answer.

Trying to cultivate “asubha saññā” by looking at disgusting aspects of dead bodies or internal organs is — in general — not a good idea for those below or even at the Sotapanna stage.

But, for some, such a drastic approach may help get to the Anagami stage faster (if one has a firm determination) AND is not “agitated/disturbed” by such horrific pictures.
– But that is not recommended for Sotapannas living “householder lives” because that can end marriages affecting children’s and spouses’ lives. One can lose interest in sex. I am not saying that losing interest in sex is bad. It is just that one needs to be aware of the possibility of that outcome. One will know when one is ready to take such an action. That depends on one’s level of understanding of Buddha Dhamma AND one’s personal background.

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